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Why Is Laser Hair Removal A Go-To Choice In Singapore?

Why Is Laser Hair Removal A Go-To Choice In Singapore?

Having smooth skin is everyone’s dream but it might be hard to achieve it if we continuosly shave away the unwanted hairs.

This is because shaving cuts the hair at the skin’s surface, not removing it from the root, which can lead to a rough texture as stubble reappears quickly.

The repeated friction of a razor against the skin can also cause irritation, leading to redness, bumps, and in some cases, ingrown hairs, especially in areas with coarse or curly hair.

In this article, let’s talk about the benefits of  Laser Hair Removal and why it has become the go-to choice for many Singaporeans these days.

The Popularity Of Laser Hair Removal in Singapore

The popularity of Laser Hair Removal in Singapore has surged in recent years as individuals are looking to achieve that smooth skin efficiently and effectively.

It is also known for its long lasting results which lots of individuals are looking to achieve.

This rise of the treatment is because of the convenience and efficacy. This treatment gives a more comfortable experience for a wide range of skin types.

As Singaporeans usually have a fast-paced lifestyle and high standards when it comws to aesthetic treatments, they find Laser Hair Removal an attractive option over traditional methods like waxing, shaving, or epilating.

How Laser Hair Removal Has Won The Hearts Of Singaporeans?

Laser Hair Removal has become a beloved beauty treatment among Singaporeans, captivating hearts with its promise of smooth, hair-free skin.

In humid weather like Singapore where dealing with unwanted hair can feel like a battle. 

Laser Hair Removal is the long-term reduction in hair growth, saving time and reducing skin irritation for convenience.

The procedure’s ability to significantly reduce hair growth over time means less worry about regular hair removal, aligning perfectly with the desires of individuals seeking a more permanent solution to manage their body hair.

How Does Laser Hair Removal Work?

Laser Hair Removal go-to choice in sg

Laser Hair Removal works by targeting the melanin in hair follicles with concentrated light energy.

When the melanin absorbs this laser light, it converts to heat and damages the hair follicle. This is to inhibit or delay future hair growth.

As the laser must be set to a specific wavelength to ensure that the skin surrounding the hair follicle remains unharmed.

What Can Laser Hair Removal Do? 

A non-invasive treatment that reduces the trouble of shaving and stops hair from growing?

Yes! That’s what Laser Hair Removal is capable of. As simple as the treatment title sounds, the benefits of Laser Hair Removal are more than one which will leave you jaw dropping.

Long-Term Results

While individual results can vary, many users experience long-lasting reduction in hair growth, with some achieving permanent hair loss after a few sessions of treatments.

Targets Specific Areas Accurately

The laser targets hair follicles without damaging the surrounding skin, making it safe for use on different areas.


Each laser pulse takes a fraction of a second and can treat multiple hairs at the same time.

Small areas such as the upper lip can also be treated in a short time, while larger areas like the back or legs can take up slightly much longer.


Over time, Laser Hair Removal can be more cost-effective than ongoing temporary methods such as waxing, shaving, or depilatory creams.

Reduced Pain

Many find laser hair removal less painful compared to waxing, especially with newer laser models designed to minimize discomfort.

Eliminates Ingrown Hairs

Unlike shaving or waxing, laser hair removal helps to prevent and eliminate ingrown hairs, making it a great option for those prone to them.

Saves Time

Reducing hair growth means less time spent on traditional hair removal methods and more time for other activities.

Smooth Skin

The areas treated with laser remain smoother for longer periods, without the rough texture that can result from shaving or the stubble that regrows after waxing.

Suitable for Most Areas

Laser Hair Removal can be used on almost any part of the body, including the face, legs, arms, underarms, bikini area, and back.

Suitable For Light & Dark Skin

Laser Hair Removal is designed not only to target normal skin tone, but also on darker skin by bypassing the melanin in the skin’s surface, targeting the hair follicle directly. 

This reduces the risk of hyperpigmentation and skin damage that was a concern with older laser models.

This makes Laser Hair Removal an ideal treatment for both light or darker skin tone, ensuring that regardless of your skin tone, there’s a Laser Hair Removal option tailored for any kind of skin tone to help you achieve smoother, hair-free skin.

Safe & Effective Method

A safe and effective Laser Hair Removal where it can be used on all types of skin tone

By targeting hair follicles with concentrated light beams, it inhibits any future hair growth without damaging the surrounding skin.

This makes it suitable for various skin types and areas of the body, offering a solution for those seeking to reduce unwanted hair. 

Laser Hair Removal: The Go-To Choice

As many of us prefer something that is convenient and time saving, plus hassle free, Laser Hair Removal is the go-to treatment for individuals looking for these.

Not only is it convenient, it is also non-invasive, meaning that it is a safe treatment, effectively removing hair without harming the surrounding skin.

This is why Laser Hair Removal has become a high demand treatment that many individuals is looking to kickstart their journey on.


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This blog post was medically reviewed by Dr. Ian Tan