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V Shape Face Slimming and  Face Lifting, V Medical Aesthetics Group have a team of doctors with over 25,000 HIFU Procedures performed.

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Authentic ULTRAcel Q+ HIFU – Proven Results Across 14 Clinics Islandwide!

Using 2023 Authentic ULTRAcel Q+ High-Intensity Focused Ultrasound System with multiple cartridges for face lifting, skin tightening and facial fats melting!

HIFU 10 Points Face & Neck Lifting

hifu face lift

Target All Skin Concerns

1. Forehead Lines
2. Brow Lifting
3. Crow’s Feet
4. Undereye Lines
5. Cheek Lifting

6. Saggy Jowl
7. Laugh Lines
8. Jawline
9. Double Chin
10. Neck Lines

How Do Celebrities Remain Youthful In Their 40s?

hifu, smas layer

It All Starts From The Deepest Skin Layer – SMAS Layer

SMAS (Superficial Musculoaponeurotic System) layer weakens in it support as we age. Its ability to hold up facial muscles, fat and skin will diminish over time, resulting in facial wrinkles and saggy face.

HIFU can reach the SMAS layer, stimulating collagen for a natural and lasting lifting effect.

Weaken SMAS Layer: Main Culprit For Saggy Face

Saggy face is the work of a weaken SMAS layer, your face will appear as flabby or droopy. In most people, sagging jowls may create the look of a double chin. 

hifu, young vs age skin
hifu, young vs old skin

HIFU: The Machine That Can Target SMAS Layer

Deepest penetration of energy in the market! HIFU targets up to 4.5mm beneath the skin. 

Transform Saggy Face to V-Shaped Face with HIFU

Get a customised HIFU V Shaped Face lifting with our experienced doctors.

The Science Behind HIFU

Target Multiple Skin Layers With Precision

HIFU is a non-surgical method to precisely target multiple skin layers. It is a medical-grade device to target SMAS layer for a natural lift.

Safely Stimulate Collagen At The Ideal Temperature

HIFU safely generates heat between 60-70 degree celsius under the skin. This effectively damages fat cells and stimulates collagen reproduction. 

Multiple Cartridges For Various Skin Concerns

Different cartridges for different skin layers (1.5mm, 3.0mm, 4.5mm) available to target large and small areas to for a full face and neck rejuvenation. 

HIFU Technology: Linear VS Dot Cartridges

HIFU dot cartridge is for face lifting and tightening. Linear cartridge also provide skin lifting, while reducing the thickness of fatty subcutaneous tissue underneath the skin to melt excess under chin or cheek fats. 

Dot Cartridge For Face Lifting

Linear Cartridge For Fat Melting

How Does 1 HIFU Shot Look Like?

Often wonder if 800 HIFU shots are enough for full face and neck rejuvenation – The answer is YES! 

Both dot and linear cartridge will be used during treatment. Our doctors will adjust accordingly to your skin concern.

Reverse Time And Regain Youth With Customized HIFU

4 in 1 HIFU Facelift

Face Lifting and Tightening
Collagen Remodeling
Facial Fat Melting
Wrinkles Reduction

Your V Shape Face Journey

No downtime or long recovery period. You can resume back to daily activities or put on make up immediately!

Doctor Consultation
Numbing Cream Application
HIFU 2.0 mm Cartridge
HIFU 3.0 mm Cartridge
HIFU 4.5 mm Cartridge
HIFU 4.0 mm Linear Cartridge

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Frequently Asked Questions on HIFU

HIFU works by stimulating abundance of collagen in skin naturally!​ Our skin loses collagen as we age. HIFU allows skin to stimulate new collagen for a long-term natural lift.

0 to 48 hours​ – HIFU delivers heat into skin layers to kickstart collagen production.

2 days to 6 weeks​ – New collagen begins to form and push toward the skin’s surface. 

3 weeks to 1 month​ – New collagen growth restores skin elasticity for a tighter and lifted face.

HIFU is the only non-surgical treatment that can reach the deepest layer – SMAS layer!

Other treatments using laser or radio-frequency can only reach the dermis layer for skin lifting and tightening.

We are using Ultracel Q+ HIFU across all 14 clinics with clinically proven results. It provides dot cartridges for face and tightening, and linear cartridge for fat melting.

HIFU by doctors:

  • Uses medical grade HIFU, which are only performed by certified doctors
  • Provides deeper penetration into skin layers, reaching up to 4.5mm under the skin to effectively target SMAS layer
  • Able to melt excess facial fats for double chin or cheek fat removal


HIFU by therapists: 

  • Uses salon grade HIFU that are not FDA-approved in Singapore
  • Does not reach as deep as medical grade HIFU, and does not work on the SMAS layer for effective lifting
  • Unable to melt excess facial fats
  • Require multiple treatments

Surgical facelift carries a more risks than HIFU such as: 

  • Going under the knife puts your life at risk and require longer recovery time
  • There may be medical complications and scars
  • Result might not be natural looking
  • Procedures are expensive and range from $20-30k for a full face lift