Fine Lines and Wrinkles Treatments in Singapore: The Best Way to Remove Fine Lines and Wrinkles

There are many non surgical and non invasive options to treat and improve Fine lines and Wrinkles in Singapore.

Fine lines and Wrinkles are the earliest and most recognizable signs of ageing. Fine lines and wrinkles can occur on any part of our body but are usually most commonly found on our face, neck and hands because of prolonged sun exposure or loss of collagen due to natural ageing process.

Types of Wrinkles

Dynamic Wrinkles

Dynamic wrinkles are formed by muscle group movement such as when we smile or frown. They are not present when the muscle is relaxed or when we are not making any facial expression. The ONLY treatment available to treat dynamic wrinkles is BTX treatment.

Static Wrinkles

Static wrinkles are formed by continuous dynamic wrinkles over the years. These wrinkles are permanent and are present when when we are not making any facial expression. Effective treatment to remove static wrinkles are dermal fillers and Signature V Laser.

Most common wrinkles formation areas on the face

Factors Accelerating Wrinkles Formation

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