Aknicare Cleanser

$98 NETT

  • Purifying gel cleanser
  • Gently exfoliate and prevent congestion
  • For acne and oily prone skin
  • Sold exclusively in clinics only

Purifying gel cleanser for acne and oily prone skin. Removes excess sebum and exerts a positive matte effect. Regulates the skin and removes dead skin, preventing clogged pores and prep the skin to absorb the treatment products, and moisturiser.

Enhanced with anti-bacterial agent to prevent inflammation and bacterial activity on the skin. An effective anti-acne cleansing gel, formulated with Pyruvic acid and Triethyl citrate to treat acne on areas such as face, chest and back.

Paraben free. Clinically tested. This product is sold exclusively in clinics only.

How to use: Apply on the skin by massaging gently, leave it on to act for about half a minute and then rinse it off thoroughly.

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