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Step By Step Guide To Pico Laser Aftercare

Step By Step Guide To Pico Laser Aftercare

Good aftercare depends on your post-treatment skincare routines and not forgetting the most important aspect – sun protection! Let’s dive in and talk about the steps to Pico Laser Aftercare to ensure a long-lasting glow

The Essential – Pico Laser Aftercare 

Taking good care of your skin is essential, especially after a Pico Laser treatment. Therefore, the aftercare of Pico Laser treatment is a top priority to maximize the full potential of Pico Laser, and this makes sure that the skin recovers smoothly to achieve effective results.

Using A Gentle Cleanser 

Pico Laser Aftercare step-by-step guide

Skin Refresh Cleansing Wash – A gentle cleanser that cleans off daily impurities without removing the moisture that helps to hydrate the skin which contains soothing extract of Edelweiss to provide hydration to the skin and fight against free radicals to target premature ageing. This cleanser also contains Witch Hazel and Faex Extract to balance out and improve the skin health.

A Serum To Calm Your Skin 

Skin Restore Calming Serum – An intensive skin care product that is suitable for individuals who are looking to boost skin recovery after an aesthetic treatment. This calming serum prevents tightness during the recovery stage and is added with a formula that helps the skin to reclaim comfort and equilibrium. At the same time it also helps to soothe and moisturize the skin intensively to restore skin balance and boost optimum protection to the skin.

Always Remember To Moisturize

Skin Repair Moisturizer – Moisturizing the skin is very important right after an aesthetic treatment. This repair moisturizer is especially suitable for individuals that just completed an aesthetic laser treatment. Our skin usually experiences dryness, redness, and irritation from the burning sensations after the laser treatment and this skin care helps to protect and regenerate the skin barrier, providing moisture to the skin with calming and reparative properties.

A Quick Boost To Sooth Skin

Skin Perfect Soothing Mask – A multifunctional mask that benefits the skin after a laser treatment. Restoring the suppleness and radiance to strengthen the skin barrier that soothes and comforts the skin by sealing the moisture to prevent any loss of moisture for a soft and dewy skin suitable for a post-treatment aftercare. This soothing mask addresses skin dryness and lack of elasticity to render a healthy and lasting youthful appearance, containing formula with skin protection against free radical damage. It helps to replenish dry skin for a boost of skin hydration and achieve a radiant and bright skin that is soft and dewy.

Sun Protection 

Here comes to the most important part of the Pico Laser’s aftercare – Application of sunscreen. Sun protection is an essential step as the skin is often more sensitive to UV rays after Pico Laser, and that’s why it is important to protect the skin against harmful UV radiation as part of your skin’s recovery process.

Skin aging is also what many individuals are afraid of, thus sunscreen acts as a protective shield to prevent the loss of collagen our body naturally has to prevent the forming of pigmentation, wrinkles and saggy skin.

Avoid Any Sports Or Outdoor Activities

Avoiding sports or outdoor activities after a Pico Laser treatment may depend on the specific recommendations provided by your healthcare professional or aesthetic practitioner.

Immediate post-treatment care for Pico Laser typically involves some precautions to ensure the best results and minimize potential side effects. Here are a few considerations:

Sun Protection

Direct exposure to sunlight can be harmful after a laser treatment. Pico lasers can make the skin more sensitive to UV radiation. It’s advisable to avoid prolonged sun exposure and use sun protection, such as sunscreen with a high SPF, to protect the treated areas.

Avoiding Excessive Heat

After a Pico laser session, it’s often recommended to avoid activities that generate excessive heat, such as intense workouts or hot environments. This is to prevent additional stress on the treated skin and minimize the risk of adverse reactions.

Gentle Skincare Routine

It’s essential to follow a gentle skincare routine after a Pico laser treatment. Avoiding harsh products, exfoliants, or aggressive skincare treatments can help the skin recover more effectively.

Hydration and Cool Compresses

Keeping the treated areas well-hydrated and using cool compresses may help soothe the skin and reduce any temporary redness or swelling.

Why Is Pico Laser Aftercare Super Important?

Following proper aftercare guidelines is essential to minimize potential side effects, such as redness or swelling, and to support the skin’s healing process.

Adequate sun protection is crucial post-Pico laser, as the skin becomes more sensitive to UV radiation. The aftercare routine also aids in optimizing the desired results, whether it’s reducing pigmentation, improving skin texture, or addressing fine lines.

Following personalized aftercare instructions provided by healthcare professionals, individuals can minimize the risk of complications, reduce discomfort, and promote a smooth recovery.

Pico Laser aftercare serves as a proactive measure to nurture the skin post-treatment, ensuring a safe and effective cosmetic experience while preserving the health and vibrancy of the skin in the long run.

Do I Need To Go For Follow-Up Sessions?

The need for follow-up sessions after Pico laser treatment can vary based on several factors, including the specific concerns being addressed, individual skin characteristics, and the treatment plan established by your healthcare professional or aesthetic practitioner.

Pico Laser treatments are designed to provide noticeable results with minimal sessions. 

However, follow-up sessions may be recommended for the following reasons:

Optimizing Results

Some individuals may benefit from multiple sessions to achieve optimal results, especially for concerns like pigmentation issues, acne scars, or skin texture improvement.

Addressing Persistent Concerns

If certain skin concerns persist after the initial treatment, additional sessions may be suggested to further target and address those specific issues.

Long-Term Maintenance

For certain conditions, especially those related to skin rejuvenation and anti-aging, periodic maintenance sessions may be recommended to sustain the achieved results over time.

Tailoring Treatment Plan

The need for follow-up sessions is often determined based on how the skin responds to the initial treatment. Your healthcare professional may assess your progress and adjust the treatment plan accordingly.

Collagen Stimulation

Pico Laser treatments stimulate collagen production, and the gradual improvement in skin texture and firmness may continue over several weeks to months.

Follow-up sessions may be considered to build on these collagen-stimulating effects.

It’s essential to communicate openly with your healthcare provider regarding your expectations, any concerns you may have, and to follow their recommendations for follow-up sessions.

They can provide personalized advice based on your individual response to the treatment and help you achieve the best possible outcomes. 

Side Effects Of Pico Laser After Treatment

Pico Laser treatments, known for addressing skin issues like pigmentation, scars, and tattoos, can still lead to some side effects post-treatment.

Commonly, patients may experience redness and mild swelling in the treated area, which typically subsides within a few hours to a couple of days.

Following the aftercare instructions provided by the healthcare professional, such as avoiding direct sunlight and using recommended skincare products, is crucial to minimize these risks and promote proper healing.


This is the step-by-step guide which you will need to achieve the best results of the Pico Laser treatment you desired. Not only for aftercare, make skincare a daily routine into your lifestyle to maintain a smooth and healthy looking skin. Distancing yourself away from skin aging is definitely doable with the help of daily skincare!

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This blog post was medically reviewed by Dr. Ian Tan