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Guide To PICO Laser 2021: All You Need To Know On PICO Laser And Its Benefits!

Rejuvenate your skin with Pico Laser

Guide To Pico Laser

PICO Laser is one of the most requested for treatment in Singapore, due to its effectiveness and treatment benefits. It has become the go-to treatment for pigmentation, acne scars, pore refinement, skin brightening and even tattoo removal, but you may wonder – What exactly does PICO Laser do? How does PICO Laser work? So on and so forth, hold that thought, this Guide to PICO Laser is going to answer all your questions and give you insights on this amazing advanced laser technology.


What Is Pico Laser?

PICO Laser is not a brand or machine, it is a type of laser technology. PICO Laser is a gentle pigment laser and the word “Pico” refers to Picoseconds, which is one trillionth of a second! This treatment is CE, FDA approved which makes it safe for use, without risks of complications. Laser treatments in Singapore are best performed by a professional medical doctor.


What Is Pico Laser Used To Treat?

PICO Laser is commonly used to remove pigmentation such as Melasma, Sun Spots, Age Spots, Post-inflammatory Hyperpigmentations, Solar Lentigo, Hori’s Nevus and also tattoos.

PICO Laser also treat other skin concerns like:


How Does Pico Laser Work?

PICO Laser works in picoseconds, compared to traditional Q-switched Lasers which fire in nanoseconds, PICO Laser fires with an ultra-short pulse duration at your skin, this means the treatment creates

  • Lesser photo-thermal effect (Less heat on skin) as more short bursts of concentrated energy is fired in each second which exposes your skin to lesser irritation and downtime
  • Higher photo-acoustic effect (More energy delivered) as more shots are fired in one second with more energy to shatter pigments into the smallest possible fragments which are easily removed by your body’s immune system.


How Does Pico Laser Help With Skin Pigmentation And Tattoo Removal?

PICO Laser targets pigmentations. The pigmentations under your skin absorb the laser energy and shatter into tiny fragments which will be metabolised by your body naturally. With PICO Laser, it allows better treatment results with lesser complications and fewer treatments.


How Does Pico Laser Help With Skin Rejuvenation?

PICO Laser uses MicroLens Array (MLA) which can concentrate laser light to produce tiny micro injuries under your skin. This process triggers skin to heal and stimulates collagen and elastin growth in deep layers of the skin without damaging superficial layers of the skin. This means less downtime and side effects.

By stimulating collagen and elastin growth, it helps to improve uneven skin texture, enlarged pores, fine lines and achieve an overall youthful-looking appearance.


How Is Pico Laser Treatment Performed?

We start with applying topical numbing cream around the treatment area for patient comfort. Depending on the type of skin concerns, the different handpiece or setting will be adjusted to perform the treatment. The treatment takes about 10-20 minutes while the numbing procedure takes about 30 minutes.


What Is The Downtime For Pico Laser?

There might be some temporal mild redness for a few hours right after the procedure, which will subside. The treatment is well-tolerated by patients as numbing cream is provided to minimise any discomfort. Most patients breeze through the treatment with little concern. However, this is subject to an individual’s personal tolerance of pain and discomfort.


How Many Sessions Of Pico Laser Do You Need?

Depending on the severity of your condition and individual skin healing abilities, most patients will need 3-5 sessions at a monthly interval for optimal results. Some of our patients see improvements as early as 1-2 weeks.


How To Find The Right Pico Laser Treatment?

When looking for the right Pico Laser Treatment, trust in the doctor’s expertise, proper and holistic care of the diagnosed condition is the most important thing to look out for.