Sagging Skin Treatment in Singapore: Skin Tightening and Face Lifting Options

Sagging Skin Treatment in Singapore: Skin Tightening and Face Lifting Options

Ageing is inevitable and as we age, our skin loses important elements such as collagen and elastin. These two proteins contribute to keeping your skin firm, supple and youthful looking. Collagen helps with skin tightening while elastin gives skin elasticity to keep your skin firm.

Besides that, our bones, muscles and deep fat pad undergo structural changes altogether. Resulting in skin laxity – one of the major concerns amongst men and women, alongside loss of facial volume and other pesky ageing concerns.

Skin Tightening and Face Lifting Treatments are available in Singapore to slow down your facial ageing process.

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Why Do You Have Saggy Skin?

Why Do You Have Saggy Skin?

  • Volume Loss: Due to loss of multiple fat pads on our face causing less support of the overlying skin
  • Loss of Collagen: Our skin becomes less elastic and thins out when collagen is progressively being lost due to ageing
  • Drooping of Facial Structure: Our facial bone structures change with time and this essential structural support is now unable to hold up the overlying facial muscles, fat pads and skin
What Causes Your Skin To Sag?

What Causes Your Skin To Sag?

  • Sun Exposure - UV radiation degrades DNA and impairs skin repair ability as well as direct damage to the collagen fibres
  • Stress - Stress can increase the number of biochemical mediators inducing in-creased inflammation which can in turn damage collagen fibre in our skin
  • Poor Hydration - More than 50% of our collagen molecules are made up of H20. Hence it is important to keep the skin hydrated at all time to avoid skin wrinkling and damage
  • Smoking - Cigarette smoke contains thousands of harmful chemical which can produce free radical to damage of skin cells and collagen

How Your Face Ages?

Ageing can starts as early as in your 20s on a cellular level and gradually be more visible in your later years. The structural changes are mainly in your skin, muscle, fat, and bone, where you will notice sagging of cheeks and jowls, double chin, deepen wrinkles and folds, drooping of eyelids or even sunken face.

Available Treatments

Available Treatments

The aim of treatment is to improve aging and saggy skin by increasing skin collagen and elastin to produce a more lifted, youthful, refreshed and cheerful look.

Traditionally people can only achieve good results with a surgical facelift or other invasive surgical procedures. Long recovery periods and surgery-related complications have rendered more and more people to opt for non-surgical methods to reduce facial sagginess and aging.

Now you have the options of non-surgical facelift procedures such as:

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