Profhilo Singapore: Bio-remodelling Injectable with Hyaluronic Acid for Saggy Face

Profhilo Singapore: Bio-remodelling Injectable with Hyaluronic Acid for Saggy Face

Profhilo is also known as 逆時針 (nì shí zhēn). It is the first of its kind, not a filler nor a skinbooster, but it provides the benefits of both fillers and skinboosters for an overall skin rejuvenation and skin lifting effect that is natural and subtle!

Developed by IBSA, a market leader in hyaluronic acid products, Profhilo is labeled as an "Injectable Moisturiser" for having the highest concentrations of Hyaluronic Acid in the current market (64mg / 2ml), this means it also boost skin hydration intensely with up to 5 times more hyaluronic acid content than your regular skinbooster!

5 main benefits of Profhilo 逆時針:

  • Skin lifting, firming and tightening effect
  • Bio-stimulates 4 types of collagen and elastin
  • Improves overall skin hydration, quality and radiance
  • Tissue repair, ideal for damaged skin or acne scars
  • 5 injection points, safe treatment with minimal downtime

Treat ageing skin from $1000

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Cost per treatment

From $1000 per syringe


45 Minutes


Minimal to none

No. of sessions

2-3 sessions

What is Profhilo Singapore?

What is Profhilo Singapore?

Profhilo Singapore is a new patented technology of bio-remodelling injectable treatment for ageing skin. Profhilo contains purely 100% of both low molecular and high molecular weight hyaluronic acid.

This unique combination allows the bio-stimulation of 4 types of collagen, elastin and profilerate adipocytes (fats) stem cells that are lost through skin ageing.

How does Profhilo work?

How does Profhilo work?

Profhilo works due to the hybrid of low and high molecular weight hyaluronic acid which allows HA to be released slowly and lasts longer, allowing bioremodeling to take place.

  • Low Molecular Weight Hyaluronic Acid (L-HA) works by hydrating the skin from within, similar to Skinboosters.

  • High Molecular Weight Hyaluronic Acid (H-HA) provides a stable HA structure in the dermis to give a volumetric lift effect, like a filler, by increasing HA and elastin production.

How is Profhilo Treatment in Singapore like?

Profhilo BAP technique

Profhilo is administered through the Bio Aesthetic Points (BAP) technique, which includes 10 injection points in total (5 on each side of the face). The BAP technique is specifically developed for Profhilo using CT scanning to determine spreading in the respective anatomic areas to amplify the diffusion of Profhilo.

Compared to skinbooster treatments which require more than 30 injection points, Profhilo has the benefit of fewer injection points, which reduces the risk of pain and bruising. Highly suitable for individuals who want lesser recovery time.

Profhilo & Injectable Treatments in Singapore

Profhilo is injected into the skin with Bio Aesthetic Points which is 5 specific points on each side of the face, whereas Rejuran Healer or Skinboosters usually require multiple injection points for the entire face. This means lesser side effects such as injection marks and swelling.

Similar to Dermal Filler and Skinboosters, Profhilo also contain Hyaluronic Acid. However, Profhilo provides the benefits of both fillers and skinboosters in a single product, with the highest hyaluronic acid concentration with the least downtime and pain!

An overview of the differences between injectable treatments available in Singapore.
Product Active Ingredient HA Concentration Duration Downtime Effects
Hyaluronic acid 64mg/syringe
2ml per syringe
2 sessions
1 month apart
0-1 Days Hydration
Skin Lifting
Skin Quality
Dermal Filler
Hyaluronic acid 20mg/syringe
1ml per syringe
1 session
Touch up when needed
2-5 Days Facial Volume
Facial Augmentation
Hyaluronic acid 12-20mg/syringe
1ml per syringe
3 sessions
1 month apart
2-5 Days Hydration
Skin Brightening
Rejuran Healer
Polynucleotides 0mg/syringe
2ml per syringe
3 sessions
1 month apart
2-5 Days Skin Repair
Skin Quality
Can Profhilo be combined with other treatments in Singapore?

Can Profhilo be combined with other treatments in Singapore?

Profhilo can be safely combined with other treatments such as Laser, HIFU, Botox and Filler for optimal results.

Profhilo with Laser or HIFU: When energy based devices are combined with Profhilo, it will accelerate collagen production for an optimal face lift.

Profhilo with Botox or Filler: Minimise signs of ageing such as fine lines on parts of your face with Botox and add more volume to sunken areas with Filler.

Is Profhilo safe in Singapore?

Is Profhilo safe in Singapore?

Profhilo is US FDA approved and safe for medical use in Singapore, it is also biocompatible to human skin as it mainly consist of Hyaluronic Acid which is naturally present in human skin.

It is the first HA-based injectable with no BDDE or additives to prolonged its life shelf, reducing the risk of complications such as lumpiness or inflammation.

Profhilo only requires a total of 10 injection points on the face, this reduces the risk of pain, bruising and swelling.

Benefits of Profhilo Singapore

Benefits of Profhilo Singapore

Deep Skin Hydration: Highest hyaluronic acid content in current market - 64mg/2ml.

Collagen and Elastin Bioremodelling: Hybird of 2 types of hyaluronic acid to kickstart collagen and elastin at different skin depths.

Higher Spreadability with Less Risks of Inflammation: Patented NAHYCO technology to form hybird complex of hyaluronic acid via thermal binding, for less inflammation.

Less Risk of Lumpiness: First BDDE-free HA based product with no chemical cross-linking in Profhilo.

Minimized Downtime: Bio Aesthetic Points technique that requires a total of 10 injection points your face.

Detailed doctor consultation is required to curate a personalized treatment plan for your desired aesthetic goals.
Profhilo Singapore Review
Treatment Time 20 mins (excluding consultation and numbing cream)
Recommended Interval 2-3 sessions, 1 month apart (maintenance every 6 months)
Effects of Profhilo Last for 9-12 months
Recovery Time Minimal pain and downtime
Cost of Profhilo $1000 nett

FAQ on Profhilo Treatment in Singapore


Who is suitable for Profhilo?

  • Saggy skin
  • Ageing skin
  • Dull looking skin
  • Multiple fine lines and wrinkles
  • Patient suffering from acne scars

What areas can Profhilo treat?

Profhilo is commonly performed on the face. Although the current BAP injection technique is developed specifically for the lower face, the treatment itself is still beneficial for your entire face. Proper injection technique to target the upper face has yet been developed by the manufacturer.

Profhilo can also treat body area like the neck, hand, chest, knee and abdomen.

Is Profhilo painful?

Profhilo treatment has minimal pain and downtime. Profhilo uses the developed technique, Bio Aesthetic Points (BAP) which only requires 10 injection points on the face. The injection points are far from major nerves and blood vessels, which reduces the risks of pain, bruising or swelling.

What are the side effects of Profhilo?

Profhilo is a FDA and HSA approved treatment. It is a safe procedure with no long term side effects. Profhilo is 100% bio-compatible and can be broken down by your body naturally. It consists of only pure hyaluronic acid and the substance hyaluronic acid is naturally created in our skin for hydration and elasticity. With no added chemicals, it minimise any risks of complications or allergic reactions.

As with most injectable treatments, the common side effects of Profhilo are:

  • Some swelling at the area of injection
  • Small bumps at the area of injection

These will go away after a few hours. For patients with thinners skin, the bumps may stay for a while longer but it will subside within 1-2 days.

How long is the downtime for Profhilo?

There is minimal downtime for Profhilo Treatment, side effects such as mild swelling and bumps at the injection site can be noticed after the procedure, which will subside within 24-48 hours.

Avoid any strenuous exercise and alcohol for 24 hours after the treatment.

How many sessions of Profhilo are required to achieve best result?

Usually 2 sessions of Profhilo done 4 weeks apart are needed to get optimal clinical result. Subsequently it can be repeated every 6 months to maintain the desired appearance.

Severe signs of ageing or dry skin may require a third or fourth session to achieve optimal clinical results before moving onto maintenance treatment.

How fast can I see the result of Profhilo?

Patient usually will start to experience result as soon as 1 week but the best results are seen from 1 month onwards. It will take 3-6 months to see the effect of bio-remodelling which includes lifting and tightening of the skin.

How long will Profhilo last?

The effects of Profhilo usually last for about 9 months to 1 year.

Depending on the level of ageing, maintenance treatments of is recommeneded to safeguard newly bio-remodeled skin. Typically, maintenance treatment is repeated once or twice annually.

What can I expect from Profhilo Singapore?

1st week after Profhilo treatment:

  • Increased Hydration in the skin

1 month after Profhilo treatment:

  • Brighter, tighter and smoother skin

3-6 months after Profhilo treatment:

  • Reduced fine lines and wrinkles
  • Natural lifted skin
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