Q Switched Pigment Laser

At V Medical Aesthetics & Laser Clinic, we use FDA approved medical grade 1064nm Q Switched NdYag laser to treat various pigmentation and skin problems. This highly effective and satisfactory laser treatment has become our clinic’s signature treatment. Patients just love it and we name it ‘The V Laser’.


From $150


30 Minutes



How does Pigment Laser works?

A beam of energy at a specific wavelength (1064nm) is applied to the skin and subsequently absorbed by dark pigments under our skin such as age spots or freckles. Upon absorption of the energy by dark pigments, photo thermal and photo acoustic effects of the laser cause the pigment to shatter into smaller pieces and eventually metabolised / removed by our body naturally.

What is Pigment Laser used for?

V Laser can be used to treat multiple skin concerns such as:

Is there any downtime for Pigment Laser Treatment?

The laser treatment is comfortable and highly tolerable with no anesthesia required.

There is practically no downtime for Pigment Laser treatment and you can resume daily activities and put on make up immediately after. Some possible minor side effects are mild redness and itchiness which will subside in few hours.

How to care for skin after Pigment Laser Treatment?

Only one thing to remember – Sun protection. Sun protection. Sun protection. Almost 80% of pigmentation problems root from the same cause which is sun exposure. We cannot stress enough the importance of sun protection in determining the success of pigmentation removal treatment and its long term prevention of recurrence. Sun protection can be in the form of physical protection such as bringing umbrella, wearing covered clothing and masks or chemical protection such as oral or topical sunscreen.

How many session of Pigment Laser Treatment is required?

In general most pigmentation can be removed effectively with laser treatment in a few sessions with some requiring prolonged treatment durations. Hence, accurate diagnosis is the key in treatment of pigmentation disorders.

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