PN Acne Scar Reduction Treatment in Singapore

Acne Scar Treatment is common in Singapore due to many factors! Acne scarring can be frustrating, studies suggest that acne scar affects most adolescents which can continue into adulthood and often causes one to lack confidence or feel psychologically distressed.

When it comes to acne scar, the good thing is that with time and maintenance, acne scar can be removed for good in Singapore! We have a variety of Acne Scar Treatment for acne scar removal and to improve skin quality.

PN Acne Scar Reduction treatment is specially developed to effectively reduce and improve acne scars, uneven skin texture and damaged skin.

  • Promoting tissue restoration
  • Plumping up scar indentations
  • Smooth out uneven skin texture
  • Encourage collagen production

What is PN Acne Scar Reduction treatment?

PN Acne Scar Reduction treatment remove acne scarring and improve textured rough skin in Singapore!

PN Acne Scar Reduction treatment involves a collagen-stimulating injection, developed to treat acne scars. PN Acne Scar Reduction is a more concentrated version of the PN Skin Healer, which consist of polynucleotides (PN) – DNA fragments that help in skin healing and collagen remodelling to plump up depressed acne scars.

What are the benefits of PN Acne Scar Reduction?

PN Acne Scar Reduction is a type of aesthetic treatment that uses polynucleotides (PN) derived from salmon DNA to improve the condition and appearance of the skin.

The benefits of PN Acne Scar Reduction includes:

What can PN Acne Scar Reduction treat?

PN Acne Scar Reduction is suitable for textured, damaged skin with depressed acne scars such as box scars, rolling scars and ice pick scars.

Box scars are broad, box-like
depressions with sharply
defined edges
Rolling scars have sloping
edges that make skin appear
wavy and uneven
Ice pick scars are narrow
indentations that point deeper
into the skin’s surface

How are Acne Scars formed?

Depressed acne scars or atrophic acne scars, appear as flat, shallow depressions that heal below the top layer of skin. These indentations form as acne clears up and heals below the surface of your skin, and not enough collagen is produce to even out the top layer, causing the skin to sink.

How PN Acne Scar Reduction treatment works?

PN Acne Scar Reduction Treatment works by injecting the product into the surface layer of the skin where the scarings are at.

It induces collagen reproduction and healing of the skin structure to fill up sunken scars, while repairing the skin at the dermis.

What to expect from PN Acne Scar Reduction treatment?

Acne Scar Treatment with Rejuran S is safe with no adverse effects. Common side effects may include mild swelling or redness over injection sites which is temporary.

After your first treatment, you will notice slight improvement of your skin texture and shallower acne scarring. With repeated treatments, the scarring will generally be filled up permanently.

What is the difference between PN Acne Scar Reduction and PN Skin Healer?

Both made of polynucleotides that repair damaged skin cells and stimulate collagen production.

The only difference is that PN Acne Scar Reduction is more concentrated and more viscous in texture, which makes it ideal for acne scar treatment.

Can I combine PN Acne Scar Reduction with other treatments?

Depending on severity,PN Acne Scar Reduction can be combine with laser treatments such as Fractional CO2 Laser or Pico Laser for better results.

Subcision is often combined with PN Acne Scar Reduction to break up the fibrous tissues beneath the scar for deeper scars to see optimal results.

PN Acne Scar Reduction Treatment Details

Treatment Time

30-45 min

Recommended Session

3-4 sessions depending on individual

Recommended Interval

Every 3-4 weeks

Recovery Time

1-3 days of small injection marks


$500 nett

FAQ on PN Acne Scar Reduction

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PN Acne Scar Reduction is suitable for patients with acne scars such as box scars, rolling scars. It works best with complementary treatments such as Fractional CO2 Laser or PICO Laser for optimal results, especially for severe acne scarring.

The best course of treatment will be recommended by our doctor after consultation.

Most patients usually require 3-4 treatments at monthly intervals, or until the appearance of the scar is satisfactory.

Depending on the severity of your skin condition, a thorough assessment and diagnosis of your condition is required for our MOH Certified doctors to advise on the number of sessions required.

Visible results can be seen within 1 month, with long-term scar improvements from on-going collagen production that last for weeks to months. The collagen that is produced from PN Acne Scar Reduction are permanent.

PN Acne Scar Reduction treatment uses a tiny needle to inject under the target acne scars. This may feel like tiny ant bites but it is well-tolerated by patients, numbing cream is provided to ensure a comfortable procedure.

PN Acne Scar Reduction has minimal downtime and side effects such as mild bruising or redness at the treatment area. A downtime of 1-3 days of small injection marks is normal.

With subcision, you may have a downtime of 2-5 days. With deeper subcision, mild bruising may occur but can be easily covered with cosmetics.

With laser treatment, downtime may be about 2-7 days, depending on which laser procedure, e.g Fractional CO2 Laser.

Post-treatment care for PN Acne Scar Reduction includes

  • Avoid sun exposure
  • Avoid excessive heat such as sauna or steam rooms
  • Avoid alcohol and strenuous exercises
  • Avoid strong skincare with AHA, BHA, Retinol or Vitamin C

Use products that are gentle on skin and always remember to apply sun protection. As the side effects subside, you may resume back to normal routine.