Rejuran Healing Mask

$85 NETT

  • Skin repair sheet masks
  • Improves skin wrinkles and whitening
  • Consists of C-PDRN 0.2%

A sheet mask that intensively cares the skin with c-PDRN’s powerful skin-promoting ability, the soothing effects of Centilla callus extracts and nutritional ingredients such as vegetable collagen. Certified dual functionality whitening and wrinkle improvement provide skin elasticity and fresher and healthier skin. Moreover, soft touch from microfiber fabric makes mask can be closely attached to the sensitive skin without stimulation and effectively deliver ingredients such as nutritional ingredients needed for skin to provide healthy and moist skin. Each box contains 5 sheet masks

Directions: Leave the mask on for 10-20 minutes for the best results. Remove the mask and gently massage excess essence into the skin.