Fotona® Hair Growth Laser in Singapore: Non-Surgical Hair Loss Treatment

Fotona® Hair Growth Laser in Singapore: Non-Surgical Hair Loss Treatment

For women and men, hair loss can be a devastating blow to your self-confidence. Most of us will eventually lose some hair as we age, some people are genetically prone to lose more hair.

When it comes to treating and preventing hair loss effectively and non-invasively, we have Fotona® Hair Growth Laser, which is scar-free procedure with no downtime and pain.

This hair loss laser treatment allow your natural hair growth to be restored and maintained.

  • Encourage new hair growth
  • Boost scalp health and metobolism
  • Quick and painless treatment
  • No downtime & side effects

Price of Fotona® Hair Growth Laser starts from $98 nett

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Benefits of Fotona® Hair Growth Laser in Singapore

What is Fotona® Hair Growth Laser?

What is Fotona® Hair Growth Laser?

Fotona® Hair Growth Laser is a non-surgical laser treatment for hair restoration in Singapore. It is a quick and painless laser treatment that targets dormant hair follicles.

The laser energy essentially send "wake up" signals to dormant hair cells, stimulating stem cells regeneration for natural hair growth to occur.

Benefits of Fotona® Hair Growth Laser:

  • Stimulate and accelerate hair growth
  • Improve overall scalp regeneration
  • Boost confidence and hair appearance
  • Suitable for both men and women
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How does Fotona® Hair Growth Laser works?

How does Fotona® Hair Growth Laser works?

Fotona® Hair Growth works by emitting non-ablative Er:YAG Laser with a wavelength of 2940nm onto the scalp tissue. By heating the scalp with mild thermal pulses in a controlled manner, this "wakes up" dormant hair follicles and induces a complex set of reactions in the scalp without damaging the surrounding tissue, which leads to an increased in blood circulation to lalent hair follicles to encourage new hair growth, reduced inflammation in hair follicles and accelerated regeneration of hair follicles weakened by androgens.

What to expect from Fotona® Hair Growth Laser?

What to expect from Fotona® Hair Growth Laser?

Treatment area may be divided in to smaller parts, depending the size of the affected areas.

The treatment procedure takes about 15-20 minutes, excluding consultation. It is a comfortable treatment and no numbing cream is required.

You may return to your normal activities immediately after the Fotona® Hair Growth Laser procedure without any post-treatment restrictions.

Who is suitable for Fotona® Hair Growth Laser?

Who is suitable for Fotona® Hair Growth Laser?

Fotona® Hair Growth Laser is suitable for individuals who do not require a full hair transplant. Individuals with mild to moderate condition such as:

  • Localized balding
  • Hair thinning
  • Pattern hair loss
  • Early hair loss due to Androgenetic Alopecia
Are there any contradictions for Fotona® Hair Growth Laser?

Are there any contradictions for Fotona® Hair Growth Laser?

Fotona® Hair Growth Laser treatment is generally suitable for most types hair loss, however it is not advised in the following cases:

  • Hair loss due to cancer treatment
  • Hair loss caused by psychological issues
  • Active local or systemic dermatological diseases of the scalp

Detailed doctor consultation is recommended before proceeding with treatment.

Fotona® Hair Growth Laser Singapore Treatment Details
Treatment Time 15-20 mins
Recommended Session 5-10 sessions
Recommended Interval Once every 2 weeks
Recovery Time No downtime
Price $600 Nett

Fotona® Hair Growth Laser

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Fotona® Hair Growth Laser

When Should I Seek Treatment For Hair Loss?

It should be done as soon as possible, the longer you wait, the less likely you are to recover. Due to shrinking of your hair follicles, it would reduce in size where new hair can no longer grows and hair follicles – once gone, it cannot grow back.

Fotona® Hair Growth Laser works best for mild to moderate hair loss, seeking treatment should be done early for optimal results.

How Many Sessions of Fotona® Hair Growth Laser is Usually Required?

Fotona® Hair Growth Laser usually requires 5-10 sessions for optimal results. Maintainance treatment is recommended for longer-lasting results.

Depending on individuals and the severity of your hair loss condition, a thorough assessment and diagnosis of your condition is recommended for our accredited doctors to advise on the number of sessions required.

How Long Does The Results of Fotona® Hair Growth Laser Last?

Result can last for 9-12 months. Visible results can be seen within 1 month and continue to improve. For optimal results, maintenance treatments is required.

What Is The Post-Treatment Aftercare For Fotona® Hair Growth Laser?

After Fotona® Hair Growth Laser procedure, there are generally no restrictions or side effects. Your scalp may be slightly flushed, which will subside within a few hours. You may resume back to daily activities and normal hair washing is allowed.

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