Pigmentation is basically defined as dark colour dots, spots or patches on our face or body. Pigmentation disorders are very common in Singapore due to its intense hot weather.

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What are the different types of Pigmentation problem?

There are many different types of pigmentation with different causes and treatment modalities. Immediate accurate diagnosis can usually be made on the spot by careful inspection of the pigmentation shape, colour and distribution. Some of the common pigmentation disorders are:

How can I prevent pigmentation from recurring or getting worse?

How can I prevent pigmentation from recurring or getting worse?

Sun protection. Sun protection. Sun protection.

Almost 80% of pigmentation problems root from the same cause which is sun exposure. We cannot stress enough the importance of sun protection in determining the success of pigmentation removal treatment and its long term prevention of recurrence.

Sun protection can be in the form of physical protection such as bringing umbrella, wearing covered clothing and masks or chemical protection such as oral or topical sunscreen.

Available Treatments

Available Treatments

In general most pigmentation can be removed effectively with laser treatment in a few sessions with some requiring prolonged treatment durations. Hence, accurate diagnosis is the key in treatment of pigmentation disorders.

How can I treat my pigmentation?

There is no one size fits all solution for pigmentation removal. Options available for pigmentation removal are:

  1. Pico Laser
  2. Signature V Laser
  3. Carbon Laser Peel
  4. Topical medications (such as hydroquinone / Crystal Clear cream)
  5. Oral medications (such as Oral Crystal Tomato Supplement / Tranaxamic acid)
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