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This Is The Best Time To Do Pico Laser Treatment

This Is The Best Time To Do Pico Laser Treatment

When is the perfect time to indulge in a little Pico Laser magic, you ask? Well, let’s see… perhaps when you’re tired of looking like you’ve had one too many encounters with the sun, like a well-toasted marshmallow. Or how about when your skin resembles a leopard with those age spots and acne scars? Or worse, when your skin resembles a pug including fine lines and wrinkles.. Let’s dive in and discuss when is the best time to do Pico Laser treatment. 😉

Who Is A Suitable Candidate To Do Pico Laser?

If you’ve ever looked in the mirror and have secretly been dreaming of becoming a human canvas and thought, “I wish I had a few less wrinkles, pigmentations,  but with an extra boost of radiance.” Congratulations! You’re a suitable candidate for Pico Laser! But wait, there’s more. If you can sit still for a laser session then you’re in for this journey. Pico Laser grants all your skin-related wishes, provided you’re willing to show up.😉

Why Is Pico Laser Good For Your Skin?

Who needs ordinary lasers when you can have picoseconds of precision magic at work? Pico Laser is like a skincare wizard armed with a wand of light, magically vanish skin concerns including:

  • Pigmentations
  • Acne scars
  • Enlarged pores
  • Dull-looking skin tone
  • Drought-looking skin texture

Forget the slow and steady pace – Pico Laser delivers energy in picoseconds, leaving your skin wondering if it just experienced a cosmic makeover. It’s the skincare equivalent of having a personal time-traveling aesthetician, whisking away the sun damage and the trials of time.

How Many Times Should I Do Pico Laser?

Best time to do Pico Laser

Who needs occasional treatments when you can practically get Pico Laser treatment done at our clinic and enjoy that eternal radiance? Well, the answer is simple: as many times as you want to maintain skin perfection 24/7. However, you have to bear in mind that you can only do the treatment every 3 to 4 weeks interval, and on average an individual needs around 5 to 10 Pico Laser sessions depending on the concerns, and sessions after finishing the sessions is a good maintenance solution.

When Should I Do Pico Laser?

Who needs age limits when Pico Laser is here to save the day? Pico Laser doesn’t discriminate based on how many candles are on your birthday cake. Whether you’re 25 or 105, Pico Laser is ready to turn back the clock on your skin like a time-traveling machine to make your skin act younger, because why should your skin’s age define your skincare choices? So, if you’ve ever thought about enjoying the freedom of ageless skin, Pico Laser is here to remind you that you’re never too old (or too young) to sparkle timelessly! 

What Is The Best Time To Do Pico Laser

Forget about your lunches; you can spice up your midday break by indulging in some laser action. It’s practically a spa day during your lunch hour! Because you could be the one zapping away those imperfections you have longed considering getting rid of. Picture this: you, a laser machine, and a quick bite-sandwich. This will be the perfect solution for a productive lunch hour, right? 😜

Where Can I Do Pico Laser?

Where dreams come true! V Medical Aesthetics Clinic is the place you can have your Pico Laser treatment done at. With over 16 locations available islandwide, you can easily book an appointment with us at your convenience!


With such a convenient and effective treatment like Pico Laser, it’s for sure that anytime is the best time to start the magical treatment for a radiant complexion! 


Schedule a consultation today and start your journey today.

This blog post was medically reviewed by Dr. Ian Tan