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Rejuran In Singapore: 15 Things You Need To Know About Rejuran Treatment

Rejuran carries many benefits including skin ageing.

What You Need To Know About Rejuran Treatment In Singapore?

As the skin ages, we lose collagen and elastic fiber over the years. Our skin becomes thinner and this is when we start witnessing visible lines, wrinkles and other signs of ageing.

In today’s market, there are many skin treatments that can help restore your skin’s vitality. So here comes Rejuran, one of the most popular skin treatments developed by a Korean pharmaceutical company, Pharma Research in 2014.

Rejuran rises in popularity due to the crucial bio-active molecule it contains called Polynucleotides (PN). It holds amazing properties that regenerate skin tissue, increase skin elasticity, reduce wrinkles and bring back the skin to its younger form.


What Is Rejuran Treatment?

Rejuran is an injectable polynucleotide treatment that is known for its skin-healing properties. It works by manually injecting highly bio-compatible DNA fragments known as Polynucleotides (PN) into the dermis to improve the biological condition of damaged and aged skin.

The DNA extract in Rejuran is derived from Salmon, it is purified and broken into small DNA fragments and suspended in a gel for medical use. Due to it’s compatiblity, Rejuran is safe without any adverse side effects reported.

So why are Polynucleotides in Rejuran good for?


How Can Polynucleotides Benefit Your Skin?

Polynucleotides have been highly talked about in the medical aesthetic industry, studies have shown that it is an effective key ingredient for addressing ageing skin, providing promising results in the stimulation of fibroblast function and collagen production. It can trigger many processes of renewal, restoration and growth on a cellular level, making the skin more resilient to damage and premature aging.

Polynucleotides are precisely the “bricks” that restore the structure of the skin from the inside.


What Are The Benefits Of Rejuran Treatment?

Thanks to the purified Salmon DNA it contains, Rejuran is known to have healing properties and plenty anti-ageing benefits on the skin. Rejuran can help to:

  • Accelerate skin healing of wounds and scars
  • Slow down aging by repairing damaged skin cells
  • Induce the growth of fibroblasts for collagen production
  • Reduce unwanted inflammation in skin
  • Enhance the moisturizing effect of hyaluronic acid for better skin hydration
  • Increase regeneration of skin cells
  • Increase skin elasticity and firmness
  • Reduce appearance of wrinkles and fine lines and pores


Who Will Benefit Most From Rejuran Treatment?

Rejuran treatment is suitable for any age and gender as it can help with a multitude of skin concerns such as:

  • Sensitive or reactive skin with redness or acne scarring
  • Dehydrated, wrinkly skin with fine lines on areas such as under the eyes –
  • Damaged skin due to sun-exposure, poor skin care or premature aging
  • Oily skin with large, visible pores, this treatment can rebalances sebum level
  • Poor skin regeneration abilities or poor skin hydration
  • Skin that lacks glow and radiance


How Does Rejuran Treatment Work?

Rejuran treatment works as a skin healer to normalize and revitalize damaged skin in 4 different ways when injected into the skin.


1. Rejuran thickens the skin

Forming a strong defense barrier against factors that cause premature ageing of the skin.

2. Rejuran promotes cell growth

By inducing fibroblast production, fibroblasts are collagen-making cells, which leads to the production of collagen in skin. Th

3. Rejuran improves skin hydration

Polynucleotide has a high affinity for water, it is proven to boost skin hydration by up to 14.69% in a research done by Korean dermatologists.

4. Rejuran recovers skin elasticity

By filling the inside of the skin, leading to scar, pore and wrinkle reduction, giving you a younger and firmer appearance.


How Many Sessions Of Rejuran Treatment Are Required?

Results are cumulative for Rejuran and varies for each individual. For the best clinical results and rejuvenation of the skin, an initial course of three to four treatments in a monthly interval, followed by three to six months maintenance is essential to achieve long-lasting healing effect.


What To Expect From Rejuran Treatment?

Generally you will see an improvement in your overall skin quality in one to two weeks after the procedure, as the treatment kickstarts your skin’s natural healing process. Skin hydration levels are also balanced within this period.

After one month, you will notice an improvement in pore size, fine lines and overall skin texture. Rough and uneven skin texture will appear to be smoother and softer.

After two to three months, you will notice an improvement in skin elasticity with a subtle skin lifting effect as it will collagen synthesis and production in skin will require some time to take place. Some also report an improvement in pigmentation.


Can You See Immediate Results After Rejuran Treatment?

Most patients may expect immediate results from a single session of Rejuran treatment, but these expectations need to be managed as this is not always the case.

Rejuran treatments are not meant for drastic alteration to your facial features, it is a skin healer of damaged skin, so it will require four to six weeks for healing processes to occur and to see the full effects.


What Are The Common Treatment Areas For Rejuran?

Treatment area for Rejuran is usually the entire face, some may focus on areas such as the forehead or cheeks. There are variations of Rejuran treatment which are specifically designed to treat acne scarring on the mid face area or to treat fine lines and wrinkles under the eyes.


What Are The Different Types Of Rejuran?

You may notice these variations out there in the market, and each comes in a different colour in terms of their packaging. Each type is targeted at different area of concern but with the same active ingredient, Polynucleotides to ultimately repair and protect skin from ageing.


Rejuran Healer

Full face skin rejuvenation and skin healing

The first range of Rejuran, it is the most versatile to improve overall skin elasticity and skin regeneration. It induce fibroblasts production which promote collagen production, and has a medium viscosity suitable for the entire face. Rejuran Healer help to restore weaken skin barrier and has anti-inflammatory effects.

Rejuran S (Scar)

Rejuvenate sunken scars and volumize effects on depressed area

Rejuran S has a higher viscosity and is suitable for sunken scars. This version helps damaged skin tissues to heal better. It smooth out textured skin, plumps up dents and depressions by producing new collagen for skin remodeling.

Rejuran I (Eye)

Improvement of elasticity around eyes area

Rejuran I is a more liquid form of Rejuran Healer with a lower viscosity which is suitable for the thin and delicate skin around the eyes. This version thickens the skin around the eyes and improve skin elasticity for wrinkle and dark eye circles reduction.


How Is Rejuran Treatment Procedure Like?

The process for Rejuran treatment starts with the application of numbing cream on the treatment area. This step is to mitigate any discomfort during the procedure.

Our doctors will administer rejuran into the dermis layers of the skin by manual injections with a very fine needle. Manual injection is preferred as it allows better control of the injection depth under the skin to ensure that the product is delivered into the skin for the best clinical results.


Is Rejuran Treatment Painful?

Rejuran is most effective when administered via manual injections into the sub-dermal layers of the skin. Like any other injection treatments, it may sting during the procedure as the injections deposit the substance into areas of concern to treat damaged or aged skin.

However, numbing cream is applied to the treatment area to ease and reduce pain. Most of our patients find Rejuran treatment to be tolerable and comfortable during the entire process.


Is Rejuran Treatment Safe In Singapore?

There are many Polynucleotide based injections in the market, the ones we offer in our clinic are approved by the relevant authorities for medical use in Singapore. Rejuran is developed by an established korean pharmaceutical company, Pharmaresearch in 2014, it has been around in the market for a long time and have no reports of adverse side effects proven to be safe for injections into the skin, it will not cause unintended tissue necrosis (tissue death) or blindness.

However, it is very important to seek treatment from trusted, experienced doctors who have been trained to administer Rejuran treatment or to perform any injection treatments for you to avoid any complications during the procedure.


Are There Any Side Effects For Rejuran Treatment?

As with most injection treatments, there is minimal downtime. Needle marks are observed right after the treatment and it will subside within a few hours.

Due to the superficial placement of Rejuran under the skin, so it is completely normal to experience tiny bumps that resemble mosquito bites immediately after the treatment. These tiny bumps will subside within two to three days. You may also experience mild swelling and redness at the injection sites, which will also resolve within two to three days.


What Is The Cost Of Rejuran Treatment In Singapore?

The cost for Rejuran treatment varies for each clinic. Here at V Medical Aesthetics and Laser Clinic, Rejuran treatment starts from $299 Nett. The exact cost of Rejuran treatment really depends on the individual’s skin condition and desired outcome. You may seek assistance from our clinic or customer service team to make an appointment to consult any of our doctors to find out more.

Please be wary of fake products out there in the market. V Medical Aesthetics and Laser Clinic is a licensed medical aesthetic clinic that offers 100% authentic injection products to ensure the highest standard of safety and treatment transparency.