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How To Get A V Shape Face Without Surgery

Achieving a V-Shaped face with non-surgical treatments

The world of beauty has changed in the last decade, with people looking for natural ways to achieve their desired look. For those who have been told by friends or family members that they have a long face and want it to be more V-shaped, there are ways to do this without surgery! Let’s explore how you can achieve a slimmer face with a balanced profile without going under the knife.


What Is A V-Shape Face?

The human face is naturally almost symmetric, but everyone has a slightly different shape to their face. A long and slender face with a strong jawline tends to give the impression of looking masculine while having sufficient fat in the cheek area gives the skin fullness that many women desire when they are younger.

The most desirable and sought-after facial shape in Asian women is the oval or diamond-shaped face. This V-Shape Face creates a feminine, youthful appearance that draws eyes to the center of the face rather than the sides.


Why Do People Want A V-Shape Face

V-Shape Face is deemed to be “attractive” and “youthful” to most people, that is why the most popular face shape in Asia is the V Shape Face. Some people choose to slim down their face for cosmetic reasons, or to achieve the look of certain celebrities.


How To Achieve A V-Shape Face Non-Surgically

There are many ways you can change the shape of your face non-surgically. Face slimming is currently practiced by medical aesthetic clinics all over Asia. The first step to face slimming is choosing a qualified doctor who knows what he or she is doing, as this procedure must be done correctly to avoid any side effects such as excessive muscle fibrosis or nerve damage, which can lead to complications later on.

Jaw Reduction BTX Treatment

BTX treatments are a very popular treatment in Asia, besides reducing fine line and wrinkles, BTX can soften the jawline, making your face more V-shaped. BTX injections onto specific muscles on the jaw can reduce muscle movement and shrink bulky jaw muscles in size! This results in a defined jaw line and better facial shape.

Dermal Filler Treatment

The best way to add volume to a thin or slender chin is by injecting Dermal Filler into the chin. Dermal Fillers injected under the skin around your chin can give a more feminine look by adding virtual length of your face, creating a balanced profile which makes your face more V-Shaped.

Doctors also use dermal fillers to to add volume to sunken areas such as your cheeks, making your face more oval shaped. This procedure is great for those who don’t like long downtime, as it is painless and usually takes only a few minutes.

HIFU Treatment

The latest way to reshape your face without going under the knife is HIFU technology. This great new innovation in the beauty industry allows doctors to not only melt double chin fats to enhance the jawline area and also tighten the skin for the entire face and neck! Targeting specifically where you want results, with this method, there is minimal recovery time and minimal pain from treatment. HIFU is commonly used for non-surgical face lift too!


What Can I Expect After the Treatment?

After these treatments you will most likely experience a little swelling and bruising at the treatment areas. This should reduce significantly within a day or two. Most individuals breeze through the treatment with ease and no pain.

Results for Chin Filler is immediate, as for Jaw Reduction BTX Treatment, it relax the muscles and shrinking about 20% – 30% of the size. Optimal results will take about 3 – 4 weeks, achieving a sharper, more defined V-Shaped jaw.

HIFU results should kick in 3 – 4 weeks later, as it takes times for collagen production to occur, resulting in tighter and lifted skin. Some individual may notice results sooner.