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Fractional CO2: What Isit & How Does It Work?

Eliminate acne scars, enlarged pores using Fractional CO2 Laser

Fractional CO2 is a common aesthetic laser treatment in Singapore that aims to enhance the overall look of the skin. This piece of content delves into the aspects of Fractional CO2 laser such as its definition, mechanism, advantages, and the things one can anticipate from undergoing fractional CO2 laser therapy. 


What Is A Fractional CO2 laser?

Fractional CO2 laser is a cosmetic procedure that does not require surgery and employs a powerful laser to rejuvenate the skin. It is aimed at enhancing the skin’s texture, tone, and firmness and has the potential to address various skin issues, such as fine lines and wrinkles, acne scars, and uneven skin pigmentation


How Does Fractional CO2 Laser Work?

The Fractional CO2 laser functions by inducing minor, regulated damages to the skin. It prompts the skin to vaporize the specific regions that were targeted and generates fresh, healthy skin cells. This technique results in the stimulation of collagen production within the skin, thus tightening and strengthening it and minimizing the visibility of imperfections such as wrinkles and fine lines. 


Benefits Of Fractional CO2 Laser?

The Fractional CO2 laser presents an assortment of advantages for individuals who aim to enhance the look of their skin. Initially, it is a treatment that does not entail any surgery and is minimally invasive, implying that there is hardly any recovery time linked to the process. In general, patients can resume their regular activities within a few days of the treatment. 

The Fractional CO2 laser has an added advantage of being a focused remedy that can be applied to particular problematic regions such as acne scars, fine lines and wrinkles. Consequently, it produces a more unique and realistic outcome. 

In conclusion, Fractional CO2 laser treatment in Singapore offers lasting results that can typically endure for up to 2 years, subject to various significant personal factors such as skin type, diet, and physical activity, allowing patients to reap the benefits of this treatment for an extended period without the need for frequent touch-up sessions.


What To Expect From Fractional CO2 Laser?

Patients usually have a consultation with a certified healthcare provider to discuss their desired outcomes and expectations before having Fractional CO2 laser therapy. The healthcare provider will also examine the patient’s skin and determine if they are a suitable candidate for the treatment. 

In the course of the procedure, the laser will be aimed at the specific part of the skin being treated. The patient might feel a sensation of warmth or tingling. The duration of the treatment is typically about half an hour, though this may differ depending on the size of the area being treated and how many passes are needed. 

Following the treatment, patients may encounter a certain degree of redness, swelling, and mild discomfort in the targeted portion. However, such effects should withdraw in a matter of days. Patients are usually recommended to abstain from intense physical activity and an excess of exposure to sunlight for a few days after the treatment. 

The Fractional CO2 laser is a safe and effective treatment but it may not be appropriate for everyone. For instance, people who have autoimmune disorders may not be able to receive the treatment. Also, the outcome can vary depending on the individual’s skin type and age. 

To sum up, Fractional CO2 laser is a secure and efficient non-invasive method to enhance the skin’s appearance. It comes with numerous advantages, including minimal to no recovery time, precise outcomes, and long-term effects. By selecting an experienced healthcare expert and having a transparent discussion regarding their goals, patients can attain a flattering look that enhances their entire image and raises their self-esteem. Fractional CO2 laser treatment is an exceptional alternative to invasive cosmetic procedures and is a suitable choice for individuals aiming to improve their skin’s firmness, hue, and texture.