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Dermal Filler VS Thread Lift

Enhancing Facial Features with Dermal Filler Treatment

Facial Feature Enhancement

Facial enhancement has raised its popularity these days due to the influence of Korean pop idols and other social media influences. There are many kinds of facial enhancement treatments available nowadays to achieve the desired appearance, including getting rid of ageing skin concerns on the face or neck area with surgical and non-surgical treatments, also known as aesthetic treatment and cosmetic surgery treatment.


Non-Surgical Treatment & Surgical Treatment

Also known as aesthetic treatment, it is a non-invasive and non ablative treatment that improves appearance using laser treatments and energy-based treatments including ultrasound energy, radiofrequency + microneedling or radiofrequency itself.

Unlike surgical treatments, non-surgical treatment requires a minimal to no downtime and most of the treatment allows you to resume your daily activities almost immediately after the treatment. Non-surgical treatment does not have any risk on the appearance transformation as it usually lasts for a certain amount of months before it goes back to the pre-treatment look.


Tell Tale Signs Of Ageing

A youthful look and smooth skin is all thanks to the collagen production that occurs naturally in our body to provide firmness and elasticity preventing the skin from sagging, giving off a volumized and plump look. 

Factors that make skin ageing noticeable:

  • Dull Looking Skin occurs when the skin is not receiving enough moisture for hydration. Our skin loses its glowy and dewy appearance when the moisture on the surface layer of the skin decreases its production that naturally happens with age, leading to a dull complexion.
  • Rough and Dry Skin becomes noticeable naturally as age catches up. The skin becomes bumpy and uneven when the growth of the skin cells slows down and layers of dead skin cells are accumulated.
  • Fine Lines and Wrinkles is one of the noticeable signs that shows skin ageing due to the loss of collagen and elasticity causing your skin to become loose and saggy including the cheeks, forehead and mouth areas.

However, do you know that wrinkles are classified as dynamic wrinkles and static wrinkles?

Dynamic wrinkles only appear when a certain expression is made to the muscle group movement like frowning or smiling, while static wrinkles appear even when there are no facial expressions made.


What Causes Or Speeds Up The Process Of Ageing?

Ageing is a part of life that is unavoidable and usually appears at the age of 25 onwards. However, without proper care or a poor lifestyle or habits, it can speed up the process of skin ageing.

  • Sunlight Exposure is harmful and can actually speed up the ageing process because sunlight contains UV rays, also known as ultraviolet rays that are harmful and damage the skin cells leading to premature ageing known as a result of photoaging.
  • Blue Light is known for producing harmful effects to the skin from electronic devices such as mobile phones, laptops or television. These are daily essential items that produce infrared light that is invisible but can be described as heat that affects the collagen and elastin production for the skin.
  • Poor Diet containing high amounts of sugar or refined carbohydrates may lead to early ageing. Because a high intake of refined carbohydrates can raise the insulin levels and leads to inflammation that breaks down the collagen and elastin. A high amount of sugar intake can block the proteins in the bloodstream causing the formation of damaging molecules, also known as advanced glycation end products.
  • Smoking and Alcohol dehydrates the skin and body, causing a lack of moisture in the skin that leads to the formation of fine lines and wrinkles and dull looking skin.


Dermal Filler VS Threadlift


Dermal Filler

Dermal filler is a non-surgical aesthetic treatment using injection needles to combat ageing signs including fine lines or wrinkles reduction, softening soft folds, skin hydration and replacement of volume loss on the skin by stimulating collagen and elastin production. 

Hyaluronic acid is a liquid substance that is frequently produced by the body naturally and proven to speed up the recovery process of wound and scarring. The production starts slowing down as we age, thus dermal filler can hydrate the body by retaining water.

Dermal filler is divided into 3 different kinds with different benefits and ingredients used. They are temporary, semi-temporary and permanent filler.

  • Temporary Fillers usually last around 9 to 15 months depending on the metabolism body system of each person.
  • Semi-Permanent Fillers include more benefits than temporary fillers as it stimulates collagen production and an effect of volume added to the facial structure.
  • Permanent Fillers have a huge difference compared to temporary and semi-permanent fillers that last up to 5 years after the injection because they are not decomposable and the process of it breaking down is slower compared to the rest. Thus, permanent fillers have lost their popularity in recent years.

Thread Lift

Thread lift is a non surgical treatment that provides lifting to sagging skin like fines lines or wrinkles, noticeable neck lines, nasolabial folds, marionette lines and saggy skins caused by a loss of collagen production, combating ageing problems with collagen stimulation on the face and neck area to revive the youthful look. 

Thread lifts are available in various choices including cat eye thread lift, eyebrow thread lift, nose thread lift and neck thread lift.

  • Cat Eye Thread Lifts give off a cat eye look by lifting the eyebrows towards the temples
  • Eyebrow Thread Lifts provide tightening to the skin and lifts up the saggy eyebrows.
  • Nose Thread Lifts are injected into the nose to provide a lifted and higher nose bridge for facial feature enhancement.
  • Neck Thread Lifts up saggy skin on the neck and reduces the neck lines.

Thread lift is a treatment suitable for people that experience signs of premature ageing and want to get rid of ageing signs or improve their appearance without having to go through any surgery.



In conclusion, dermal filler is a better choice compared to thread lift as thread lifts will usually cost more swelling and bruising. During the procedure of thread lift, anesthesia is provided to prevent experiencing any pain but it does not totally cover off the feeling of pain.