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Ask Our Doctor: How Can HIFU Get Rid Of Double Chin

How Can HIFU Get Rid Of Double Chin

Are fats the first thing that comes into your mind when we talk about “double chin”? Many individuals find double chin annoying and are looking for ways to get rid of it. Do you know that HIFU can help to melt double chin? In this article, we are going to introduce HIFU treatment to you and talk about its effect on melting the double chin.

What Is A Double Chin?

A double chin is an excess layer of fat that accumulates below the chin and jawline, creating a saggy layer of skin in this area. It can result in a noticeable sagging appearance which can make an individual look older than they are.  

What Causes Double Chin?

There are many factors and lifestyle habits that cause a double chin. Let’s look into the factors causing a double chin to form. 

Weight Gain: Excess fat accumulation in the face and neck area, can lead to a double chin.

Aging: As people age, the skin can lose elasticity and cause fats to form, contributing to the appearance of a double chin.

Genetics: Some individuals may be genetically more inclined to developing a double chin.

Poor Posture: Maintaining poor posture can weaken neck and chin muscles, which can develop the appearance of a double chin.

Lack of Exercise: Insufficient muscle tone in the neck and jaw area can contribute to a sagging appearance.

Diet: Unhealthy eating habits and high-sugar, high-sodium diets can contribute to weight gain and fat accumulation, potentially leading to a double chin.

Smoking: Smoking can reduce collagen production, affecting skin elasticity and contributing to skin sagging.

Sun Exposure: Sun exposure can damage the skin and lead to premature aging and affecting the neck and chin area.

Can HIFU Really Help With Double Chin?

HIFU for double chin

Many individuals are turning to HIFU treatment to get rid of the double chin. This treatment targets and stimulates collagen production to the double chin, and uses the power of focused ultrasound to tighten and rejuvenate the skin for a natural lifting process.

HIFU, the safe and effective solution using non-invasive procedure, has the ability to get rid of stubborn facial fats or double chin to achieve a more contour jawline naturally with a minimal downtime. With this magical treatment, you can avoid being addressed as  “uncle” or “aunty”  because you will look 10 years younger!

You Will Never Look Back On Double Chin

With HIFU’s benefit and its non-invasive traits to melt facial fats or double chin, this makes it a go-to treatment for many individuals and there’s simply no looking back on double chin!


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This blog post was medically reviewed by Dr. Ian Tan